Recent Publications

Improving Practice and Outcomes through Collaboration and Performance-Based Contracting in Florida's Child Welfare System

Elder, J.K., DeStefano D.J., Schuler C.A., D’Aiuto W. (2009) Professional Development, The International Journal of Continuing Social Work Education, 10 (3), 58-66.

Abstract: This article provides an overview of the planning process utilized to implement performance based contracts within a privatized child welfare system of care. Contextual and environmental factors leading to improved collaboration are examined and the concept of shared risks examined. Finally, preliminary recommendations related to lessons learned are provided.

Key Recommendations for Developing a Foundation and Framework for Successful Implementation of Performance-Based Contracting, A Case Study.

Elder, J.K., DeStefano, D.J., Blazevski, J., Schuler C.A. (2012) Journal of Public Child Welfare; Special Edition, (Spring 2011 Publication).

Abstract: In a child-welfare setting, performance-based contracts can be used to focus practice and drive outcomes. This article describes the results of a case study regarding the use of performance-based contracts between a private, non-profit child welfare lead agency, responsible for the provision of child welfare services in a defined geographic area, and sub-contracted private non-profit case management agencies. Key recommendations for developing a foundation and framework for successful implementation of performance-based contracting are also presented.